Refreshing a Brand: Amber Home Care

Written by Kinopicz Staff on . Posted in Behind the Scenes

With a full 41% of Baby Boomers providing care for their living parents (and another 37% expecting to in the future), home healthcare is a growing industry, including 23,000 establishments. Amber Home Care, a locally owned provider of home healthcare services, tapped Kinopicz to help them to differentiate their establishment from others by enlivening a familiar approach with high production values.

This script-to-screen project called for HD video and post-production services, including editing, sound, color, motion graphics, and an original soundtrack. Damian Wohrer, Amber Hersch, and the rest of our crew were able to provide the client with a six-minute spot featuring more than 10 subjects interviewed in several locations.

Amber Home Care’s Director of Community Relations Jessica Masternick was kind enough to give a testimonial to the quality of our work. "Kinopicz took the time to research our market, view our competitors, and give critical feedback and suggestions to us. The understanding that they were able to have of our market in such a short amount of time proved they are experts in their craft. The quality of our video is better than we ever anticipated. We knew we didn't want anything cheesy or low-budget-looking, or that would demean the incredible care our staff gives, but we never expected it would look this professional."

Jessica's ability to clearly communicate the story behind Amber Home Care and her meticulous organization of locations, interviews, and props allowed us to really concentrate on exactly what we do and to enjoy the two days we spent on site. We got a kick out of interviewing the Amber Home Care patients during filming – it’s not every day that we see 94-year-old women gliding across the dance floor.

Project specs and deliverables

  • 1920 X 1080 p, 23.98 fps HD master and SD DVD with full packaging and art
  • shot in HD with a Sony F3 and Angenieux glass (Optimo DP 16-42 and 30-80)