Capsa Healthcare – Trio Product Launch Video

Capsa Healthcare – Trio Product Launch Video

A video salute to the positive spirit and unrelenting energy that frontline healthcare heroes bring to every shift. Every day.

Excitement comes from human expression.

That was the seed of the idea that came to us as we listened to the executive marketing team from Capsa Healthcare describe their aspirations for the launch of their new flagship product: Trio. With trade shows cancelled globally due to the pandemic, Trio’s launch was looking problematic. Ready to take some risks and increase their investment in production value, the Capsa team challenged us to write and produce a video campaign that would bring excitement and energy to the Trio rollout.

Trio is your (dance) partner

From a scriptwriting standpoint, our task was to develop a campaign for nurses and other frontline healthcare professionals that transcended Capsa’s “comfort zone” of features-and-benefits messaging. We distilled the product literature into one thought:

Trio is a reliable partner that knows you, moves with you, and supports you throughout your day.

The word partner evoked the motif of dance and the idea erupted to life. Drawing upon the advertising traditions of high-end consumer electronics — where the human-machine interface is celebrated — we wrote on-screen copy that speaks in a direct voice, as if colleague-to-colleague.

Striking a creative balance

Actor Chelsea Cook with Trio

Of course, the Trio is not a panacea and nurses’ lives are anything but dance parties. From the beginning of our script writing process, we knew we needed to temper the dance metaphor with an acknowledgement of the immense sacrifice HCPs make daily.

The solution came in the form of a segment that occurs about halfway throughout the timeline. The actors break the fourth wall and lock eyes with the viewer. The spot suddenly becomes self-aware and begins communicating with the audience at a deeper, more poignant level.

Robotic cinematography; Organic moves

Our cast was incredible, each person bringing their own mode of dance and and empathic performance that truly unlocked the script’s original vision. The script had been structured to allow room for improvisation within many of the shots — and the cast delivered with ingenuity & style.

Bolt Cinebot outfitted with RED Monstro camera and Angeniuex EZ-1 zoom lens

We knew from the outset that the spot would involve almost continuous motion of the talent, the Trio, the camera — and sometimes all three. Because of its ability to move quickly and dynamically with precision repeatability, the Bolt Cinebot figured early into our shooting plans.

Working with the Bolt Cinebot for the first time introduced its own learning curve. Blocking and programming each shot can prove tedious, but the results are amazing. Fortunately we were in the hands of an expert crew and our cast members showed the proper spirit of adventure for the job. We paired the 8K RED Monstro camera package with an Angenieux EZ-1 30-90mm zoom, eliminating lens changes throughout the entire shoot day. Now changing camera-mounts on the Bolt on the other hand…

Our primary RGB lighting setup with full DMX control allowed us to modulate the mood of the set from moment to moment. This flexibility allowed us to quickly achieve different looks to fit the ideas being ad libbed by the cast and crew as we worked through the shooting schedule.


Capsa Healthcare

Project Type

New Product Launch Video

  • Concept Development
  • Choreography
  • Casting
  • Production & Lighting Design
  • Video Production
  • Cinebot Hi-Speed Robotic Camera
  • Post Production & Finishing
  • Product Launch Landing Page

2021 AAF ADDY for Cinematography

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Capsa Healthcare – “Meet Trio” Product Launch Video