Earth Anatomy Brand Video
  • Raw Earth for Wild Imagination

    Raw Earth for Wild Imagination

    Earth Anatomy

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Earth Anatomy Brand Video

With products as revolutionary as their flexible stone surfaces, Earth Anatomy chose Kinopicz American to develop a striking brand film to match.

Raw earth for wild imagination.

To introduce Earth Anatomy and its revolutionary products to architects & designers, we created this brand film celebrating exploration and risk-taking as metaphors for the design process.

Drawing on inspirational sources from David Lean epics to video game heroines, our team developed the concept and produced this short brand film from script-to-screen.

Location video production was completed in one (exhausting) day as we hiked across the cliffs and trekked deep within the arboreal corners of Hocking Hills State Park to get the shot—and we were rewarded with great vistas and natural light.

This video is part of a larger engagement with the client wherein our team also developed a new identity system and website.


Earth Anatomy

Project Type

Brand Film

  • Concept Development
  • Video Production
  • Design & Motion
  • Post Production & Finishing
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Earth Anatomy Brand Film