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Minimalist website for this NYC fine artist showcases her ever expanding body of work.

Staying out of the way.

The challenges in creating a new website experience for this Manhattan based artist were simple yet important. The old website was built with static HTML/CSS/JS files and offered no way to manage content without touching code. Over time, the site became increasingly cumbersome to update and reorganize content (as Juliana’s creative output each year is nothing short of extraordinary). The new website called for an architecture that would be easy to maintain and update, and a design framework that would stay out of the way and keep the focus on the artwork itself.

Kinopicz designed & developed a new website in WordPress to solve those primary challenges. Leveraging the strengths of the CMS, we made sure all of the artwork galleries & metadata could be updated, maintained or re-organized using a simple drag-n-drop GUI. To keep the focus on Juliana’s art, we stripped our color palette and design elements down to a minimum, and selected the technical-looking DIN Pro typeface to keep things clean and easy to read. In the end, the design, and more importantly the artwork, render beautifully on any device!

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Juliana Lazzaro

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