Love the Band Social Impact Video
  • Love the Band Social Impact Video

    Love the Band Social Impact Video

    East High School

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Love the Band Social Impact Video

Developed by creative director Damon Mosley, these social impact videos made a big difference in the lives of the East High School marching band students.

Celebrating a Neighborhood Tradition

For decades, the students of East High School have made a football Friday night tradition of marching from the school campus, across the neighborhood to the stadium where their team plays its home games. This impromptu parade draws out people from across the neighborhood to watch, dance, and celebrate the school’s spirit.

However, several new neighbors who had recently moved into the community did not grasp the tradition—so the band decided to invite their detractors to join the parade and learn first hand about their new neighborhood.

Creative director Damon Mosley seized this opportunity to create a social impact video with multiple goals: First, the video would share the band’s important story of bridging social divides. Second, the video became the pillar content for a fundraiser to procure new instruments and uniforms to replace the decades-old equipment the band was using.

The East High School marching band moves through the streets of Columbus.
Our camera crews weaved through the band’s formations.

East Meets Best

To build on the energy of the initial campaign, Damon orchestrated a sequel that introduced the East High School students to a new level of excellence: a joint practice session with the Ohio State University marching band’s percussion section.

Like the original "Love the Band" video, this sequel was filmed cinema verite style using only available light, and embracing a very active, first person POV camera direction.

East Meets Best estabishing shot of Ohio Stadium.
The East High School percussion section met their OSU counterparts at the base of historic Ohio Stadium.

East High School

Project Type

Social Impact Video

  • Line Producing
  • Video Production
  • Post Production
Production Credits
  • Creative Director – Damon Mosley
  • Director – Francesco Lazzaro
  • DP – Damian Wohrer
  • Camera & Editor – Zach Hoover
  • Motion Design – Nick Romanowski
  • Sound Design – David Gardner
  • Original Music – Rashad Thomas

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