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Mount Carmel Healthcare Commercials

We partnered with NYC-based production company Visionarists to bring Mount Carmel’s new patient-focused campaign of broadcast healthcare commercials to life.

Forging Creative Partnerships

Mount Carmel Health System and their advertising agency Ayni Brigade developed the Mount Carmel For You campaign of healthcare commercials around themes of compassion and personalized care. These themes are realized through a cast of five main characters — each with their own wellness journey and lifestyle story.

NYC-based production company Visionarists was tapped to execute the creative, but they needed a local production partner in the Columbus metropolitan area to make it happen, so they chose Kinopicz American.

Women's Health & Maternity scene from the Mount Carmel For You campaign of healthcare commercials.

Pre-Production: Five Stories to Tell

Each patient-character’s story features a particular healthcare service line: ranging from cardiac care to bariatric robotic surgery to maternity care — all while highlighting the organization’s values of exceptional treatment, state-of-the-art technology, and positive wellness outcomes.

Working in close creative collaboration with Director Mitchell Lazar and DP Cody Powers, our goal was to realize a warm, cinematic, and emotionally-authentic execution of the client and agency’s vision.

As with any complex production, we had several key variables to solve for in pre-production:

  • Develop a shooting schedule allowing us to acquire all footage over three consecutive days
  • Continuously adapt to the hospital’s volatile schedule of facility & staff availability
  • Screen, audition, and book a diverse cast—with ages ranging from 3 months to over 60—that melded well with the Mount Carmel hospital personnel
Mount Carmel Storyboard - Bariatric Mount Carmel Production Still - Bariatric
Drag the slider control to compare the original storyboard to the final production shot

Location Production: Executing the Vision

Half of the shooting schedule was devoted to capturing all of the clinical scenes at various locations throughout the hospital. With the crew scrubbed-in and the gear sterilized, remote client viewing areas for the agency and client stakeholders were linked by radio communication to the set, allowing them to relay real-time feedback and shot sign-offs back to the crew.

After an extensive location search and multiple scouts, our producers identified an ideal residence that allowed us to create all five lifestyle scenes at one location, eliminating additional costly moves.

The Art Department really delivered, creating five distinct lifestyle settings within the residence—every one true to both the storyboards and Director’s vision, customized to each character’s style and personality.

Mount Carmel Storyboard - Salsa Dancing Mount Carmel Production Still - Salsa Dancing

Final Cuts

The production yielded three 30-second spots focusing on brand ethos, along with five additional 15-second placements—each one showcasing a particular hero character as they progress along their wellness journey.

The finished campaign is encapsulated here: Mount Carmel For You


Mount Carmel Health System


Ayni Brigade

Co-Production Company


Project Type

Broadcast Commercial Campaign

  • Line Producing
  • Locations
  • Talent Casting
  • Production Design
  • Video Production
Production Credits
  • Director – Mitchell Lazar
  • DP – Cody Powers
  • Executive Producer – Ola Parks
  • Producer – Francesco Lazzaro
  • Producer – Damian Wohrer
  • Production Manager – Gail Mezey
  • Production Designer – Heather Glass-Oaks
Work With Us
MCHS 01 BTS - Bariatric Surgery Wide
MCHS 02 BTS - Bariatric Surgery CU
MCHS 03 BTS - Lifestyle Photography
MCHS 04 BTS - Telehealth
MCHS 05 BTS - Nursery
MCHS 06 BTS - Maternity
MCHS 07 BTS - Director's Monitor
MCHS 08 BTS - Cath Lab
MCHS 09 BTS - Orthopedic
MCHS 10 BTS - Salsa Dancing
MCHS 11 BTS - Drumming
MCHS 12 BTS - Drumming Easy Rig

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