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Sysmex Caresphere

Collaboration from Kobe to Chicago to Columbus—speaking to a global audience.

Sometimes you have to take the show on the road.

Headquartered in Japan, Sysmex develops cutting edge labaratory technologies for the global healthcare industry. Their Caresphere product is designed to connect and simplify their customers’ lives.

SBC Advertising chose Kinopicz to execute their creative vision for the Caresphere product video, wherein we follow a hematology lab manager through a typical day in her busy life.

The laboratory scene required precise layout and lighting—which we would typically execute in studio. But this time we had to solve a new problem: The highly sensitive, multi-million dollar equipment to be showcased could not be moved from the client’s national training facility in Chicago.

The Results

Meticulous pre-production, including thorough location scouting, led to great success during production. By combining the right mix of Columbus crew with local on-camera talent and other support crew, we were able to deliver massive production value to both the agency and the client.

The finished video is a near-perfect execution of the agency’s storyboard sequence. Our team transformed everyday office environments into the glossy laboratory and hospital venues called for in the script.




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B2B Marketing Video

  • Casting & Locations
  • Production Design
  • Video Production
  • Post Production & Finishing
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Sysmex Caresphere