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Velocity Global B2B Commercials

We partnered with Velocity Global’s creative team to produce a series of comedic B2B commercials to help launch The Future of Work campaign.

Creative Concept

Velocity Global embraces remote work and provides employers access to a global talent pool. This series of B2B commercials features stuck-in-the-past HR Manager Ron who is leading the charge with his company’s return to office initiative.

Developed by the Velocity Global creative team, the script is in the style of high farce, replete with the everyday scenarios and annoyances of office life: traffic jams, cramped cubicles, co-workers’ messes, etc.

The character of Ron was played by Atlanta-based SAG member Ben Kacsandi, who contributed his deep well of inventive and hilarious performance to the role.

Velocity Global's Meet Ron commercials feature our hapless HR Manager seen here at his ridiculously tiny cubicle.
We customized Ron’s cubicle to a ridiculously small configuratioin.

The Cubicle Farm

The comedic kernel of the script is that Ron is the only person who has heeded the return to office memo—so placing him inside a sprawling office was essential to getting the visual proportions correct.

Locating a large and vacant (but furnished) office proved to be quite a challenge, with our Line Producer Gail Mezey contacting over 100 locations before she tracked down a perfect location.

The production crew prepares to roll a wide shot showing Ron alone in the sprawling corporate office.
Prepping the office location required replacing over 200 overhead fixtures with color-balanced tubes.

Retro Production Design

The production design drew inspiration from late 90’s comedies such as Office Space. To create a rich physical environment, the Art Department tracked down several key props, including the classic white CRT displays, portable cassette players, and other analog artifacts adorning the cubicle desks.

Ron sits in traffic during this exterior green screen shot.
To match Ron’s retro sensibilities, we sourced a vintage Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera for this traffic jam scene.


Our efficient, single day shoot produced a number of 60, 30 & 15 second spots.


Velocity Global

Project Type

B2B Commercial Campaign

  • Line Producing
  • Locations
  • Talent Casting
  • Production Design
  • Video Production
Production Credits
  • Director – Craig Pentak
  • DP – Damian Wohrer
  • Producer – Francesco Lazzaro
  • Line Producer – Gail Mezey
  • Production Designer – Heather Glass-Oaks
Work With Us
Velocity Global BTS 01 Ron with Craig
Velocity Global BTS 02 DP Damian Wohrer
Velocity Global BTS 03 Damian and Craig
Velocity Global BTS 04 Ben Kacsandi
Velocity Global BTS 05 Kitchen Scene
Velocity Global BTS 06 Cubicle Scene
Velocity Global BTS 07 Water Cooler Scene
Velocity Global BTS 08 Car Green Screen

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